Overlay System
BT Overlay Series
Power SupplyAC230V/50Hz;120V/60Hz
Pressure Range30 mmHg – 110 mmHg
Air Output6-8 liter/min.
Cycle Time10 min or 12 min.
Power Consumption<7W
FuseT1A /250V
Size28 x 20 x 11 cm
Weight1.6 kg1.8 kg
Inflated Dimension195 x 86.5 x 11.5 cm200 x 86.5 x 20 cm
Structure5"x 17 Cells8"x 20 Cells
AlternatingA/B Alternating
Cover MaterialNylon/PU with ButtonNylon/PU with Zipper
Cell MaterialNylon/PVC/TPUNylon/PVC/TPU
Base MaterialNylon/PVC/TPUNylon/PVC/TPU
Max Weight Capacity180kg200kg